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My tiny little pill

I should be asleep right now.
I took a sleeping pill several hours ago, yet something woke me up. Not sure what or who; my brain is fuzzy..

What time is it? 3:17am. I have work in a few hours.
I stand up and walk to the kitchen for some water.
I already feel some of the side effects of the medication, the most common ones. Unstable heartbeat, dizziness, blurred vision.
I am used to them by now. It is like I'm intoxicated but without the delectable toxin. I know I should not be up.
I have hurt myself before, and I know the longer I keep standing, the more chances I'll hurt myself again.

I walk back to my bedroom, safely holding myself against the walls.
I'm so confused, I run into the door frame, hurting my forehead _ hard. Ouch. That will hurt in the morning.
All this sleepwalking is ruining my budget. Sleeping tablets and painkillers are my main expenses by now.
I finally reach my bed and lay down, trying to relax, and get back to my senses.

I fall in and out of con…